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PHP is one of the most admired and popular server side scripting languages which are widely used for creating websites. With faster turn-around time, enhanced security and affordability, PHP has become preferred choice of the website developers. Due to plethora of benefits of this scripting language, many famous online businesses such as Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Flickr etc. are using this scripting language. In this article, I am explaining 11 advantages that make PHP popular among web developers.

Introduction to PHP

Evaluation of Php 
Basic Syntax 
Defining variable and constant 
Php Data type 
Operator and Expression 

Handling Html Form With Php

Capturing Form Data 
Dealing with Multi-value filed 
Generating File uploaded form 
Redirecting a form after submission 

Decisions and loop

Making Decisions 
Doing Repetitive task with looping 
Mixing Decisions and looping with Html 


What is a function 
Define a function 
Call by value and Call by reference
Recursive function 


Creating and accessing String 
Searching & Replacing String 
Formatting String 
String Related Library function


Anatomy of an Array 
Creating index based and Associative array 
Accessing array Element 
Looping with Index based array 
Looping with associative array using each() and foreach() 
Some useful Library function 

State management

Using query string(URL rewriting) 
Using Hidden field 
Using cookies 
Using session 

String matching with regular expression

Pattern matching in Php 
Replacing text 

String matching with regular expression

What is regular expression 
Pattern matching in Php 
Replacing text 
Splitting a string with a Regular Expression 



CMS- Wordpress introduction

Understanding and Using domain names 
WordPress Hosting Options 
Installing WordPress on a Dedicated Server 
Understanding Directory Permissions 

Basics of the WordPress User Interface

Understanding the WordPress Dashboard 
Pages, Tags, Media and Content Administration 
Core WordPress Settings 


Finding and Using WordPress Plugins

Finding and Installing Plugins Quickly and Easily 
Upgrading WordPress Plugins 
Recommended WordPress Plugins